Energy Truths and Mind Body Power

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

The Many Paths to Inner Peace

Ann Randolph Taylor

Peace in the body

Love in the heart

Drawn to the Light

Of the Soul

It is my hope that in this little book you will find the magic that gives you your personal path to inner peace. I want you to come to know in yourself the power you have over your own health. For years I’ve explored the mind/body practices. I’ve read and studied, and gained credentials, all to find myself thrown back into an extremely powerful knowing: how we think and feel in our inner being is our key to all we seek to experience in life. Peace within. Peace without.

How many of us look at our bodies and feel as though we have any control over what we are experiencing? No matter what our condition is, no matter what we suffer, no matter what we consider hopeless, the very fact that in life we are mind, body, and spirit states our truth: the building blocks of life are available to our utilization.

How did I come to feel this way? By being like everyone else. By suffering through the diagnosis of cancer, with the surgery and all the times of fear, wondering what the doctor would find at my next oncology appointment. I’ve been there. I’ve given my control of my health away to the medical world, yet as I reached out for recovery, feeling that something had to help me get my life back together, I found my way back into myself and in to a life that has been extraordinary and different. I’ll always be grateful to the surgery, the expertise and help from the medical world, and even grateful to the disease itself. Why? This changed my life.

How can I put into words what I’ve found? How can I share with you? What I propose to do is to teach you, so you can feel the experience within yourself. Together we will explore the mind/body modalities. We will look at simple yet powerful practices that you can use to help you find your way into feeling good. There are many paths that can take us in to inner peace and the more we know, the more we understand, the more we can help ourselves. Why these practices work is simple. The mind/body modalities are based upon energy medicine. This is their conceptual background. But the truth goes even deeper. Mind body modalities offer us the means to use any level of our being, be it body, mind, or spirit, to create the sense of harmony we seek within the whole.

Come with me now. Let us explore the nature we are. Let’s get control of ourselves, helping ourselves in every way we can. Mind, body, and spirit we are. Mind body and spirit we’ll work.

This is your journey,

your pathway

to peace in the body,

love in the heart,

drawn by the light of the soul.


Creating Our Own Reality

Know who you are.

Know your possibilities

in life.

As a physical being

we are a soul,


for a brief period

of timeless time,

a dense physical frame.

The Body and the Mind Body Modality

How would you feel if I told you that for you to create your own reality, all you have to do is have a viewpoint of life that allows you to do so? Reality is a matter of perspective. We are energy beings, our flesh is energy made dense, and this is why we can help ourselves with what we experience in health. The years I’ve spent in working in healing and in practicing and teaching mind body modalities have shown me this time and time again. I’ve watched it in myself and in my students. Finding health comes from how we view our life, how we view the process.

There is nothing more real than the thoughts we have. As we work with what we think, we impact the life we live. We create change in our minds by opening our minds. The change we create in our minds brings changes in our bodies. Mind and body are related. Each impacts the other. Working in our minds and in our bodies, we find we have an even deeper level, a causative level, a Truth that is our source. Call this level, Energy, call it Life, call it Spirit, call it our Soul, the name we use does not matter. What matters is that we find it. In finding our pathway in to our Source, we give ourselves the possibility and the permission to co-create and change our life. Our ability to change is always there. We simply have to see it.


Turn those

down-ward focused eyes

unto the soul,

the healer within the form.

I’ve logged many hours into exploring and writing about what I have come to think of as the human energy anatomy. Seeing repeatedly the colors, the lights of the subtle body, feeling the energies through which the body becomes dense, the centers and pathways for flow, I have no question in my mind that we are more than just what we know and see as dense. We are energy. We can impact the energy we are. We can change the life we live.

What we each need when we seek healing is unique unto who we are, as souls, as personalities, as energy life forms. This course is designed to offer you the many paths to healing, to teach you how to find your own way in to creating your own reality, to let you know you have your own stamp to place upon this imprint called life.

Your course blends the practices of the mind body modalities into a knowing of the energy truths upon which the modalities are based. Teach yourself the energy laws of life, know the rules to apply unto yourself to make the laws effective, and you will have mind body power. With mind body power, you use energy medicine for healing.