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There are a now two music videos in support of the new “Luckery” EP by Blag’Ard – details and links below. Blag’Ard “Luckery” is a new release which includes three songs and is available for only $0.99.  Please head over to the Blag’Ard “Luckery” page to find out more.

Thanks for visiting Pig Zen Space. Pig Zen Space is a music download website which also is the “record label” for the music I have written and released under my various bands since the early 90’s.  The website pigzenspace.com has been online continuously since 2007, and over the years there have been 100’s of successful downloads made by paying customers. Yes merely hundreds but who’s counting.  My point is that this is a fully functioning download website and you can make a purchase with PayPal and be assured that you will receive a high quality MP3 download in exchange for your payment.  If you ever encounter any problems with the download or the payment process I will personally work to make sure you get your selection and resolve any issues you have. Thanks for your interest in this music.

Also, if you are interested in Yoga, Qigong, and other alternative forms of healing and energy please take a look at the book written and narrated by Ann R C Taylor (links in the menu bar above).

Joe Taylor

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Most Recent Download Sale: “Luckery” Successfully Downloaded for a Purchase Price of $0.99 on August 1st.
“Download Worked Mighty Fine”

Here is a sample of some of the music available for download

The Big Take-Over has published a kind review for “Luckery” – go to the Blag’Ard “Luckery” Page page to find out more.

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In the summer of 2017 videographer Allen Finau joined Taylor in creating a video for “No One”. Since then Allen has joined Joe for a second video”Monstre Sacre”, and now a third, “I the Storm”.  Joe created a video for his song “Bitty Bop” using green screen tech; unfortunately Allen was up in Michigan ice surfing at the time.  All videos are out now on YouTube.

All of Joe Taylor’s records with his different bands and fellow musicians over the years are available for download and streaming here both as singles or the entire record. The download is in a lossless 320 kbps mp3 format and comes with the artwork included.

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