Blag’Ard has released his first full length record after parting ways with drummer Adam Brinson. “Bitty Bop” is an eleven song release and was written recorded and mastered in Ranson, WV, with Joe Taylor taking responsibility for all steps in the process. Reviews are coming in slowly with nationally circulated magazine The Big Takeover leading the way with a nice review by the magazine’s editor, Jack Rabid.

Blag'Ard poses at the video shoot for "No One".

Blag’Ard poses at the video shoot for “No One”.

Allen Finau takes a pic at the shoot for "No One" August 2017.

Videographer Allen Finau takes a pic at the shoot for “No One” August 2017.

In the summer of 2017 videographer Allen Finau joined Taylor in creating a video for “No One” which de facto makes it the record’s first single. Plans are in the making for the second video with a tentative shoot date of Spring 2018.
The record is available for download as singles or the entire record right here for $0.89 per single or $5 for the entire record. The download is in a lossless 320 kbps mp3 format and comes with the artwork included. Pig Zen Space accepts cryptocurrency and PayPal as payment. Blag’Ard “Bitty Bop” is also available at iTunes and Spotify.

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