Thanks for visiting Pig Zen Space. Pig Zen Space is a music download website which also is the “record label” for the music I have written and released under my various bands since the early 90’s.  The website has been online continuously since 2007, and over the years there have been 100’s of successful downloads made by paying customers. Yes merely hundreds but who’s counting.  My point is that this is a fully functioning download website and you can make a purchase with PayPal and be assured that you will receive a high quality MP3 download in exchange for your payment.  If you ever encounter any problems with the download or the payment process I will personally work to make sure you get your selection and and resolve any issues you have. Thanks for your interest in this music.

Joe Taylor

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Merci d’avoir visité L’espace Pig Zen. Pig Zen Space est un site de téléchargement de musique qui est aussi le “label” de la musique que j’ai écrite et publiée sous mes différents groupes depuis le début des années 90.  Le site Web est en ligne depuis 2007 et, au fil des années, des centaines de téléchargements ont été effectués avec succès par des clients payants. Oui, des centaines, mais qui compte.  Ce que je veux dire, c’est qu’il s’agit d’un site de téléchargement entièrement fonctionnel et que vous pouvez faire un achat avec PayPal et être assuré que vous recevrez un téléchargement MP3 de haute qualité en échange de votre paiement.  Si vous rencontrez des problèmes avec le téléchargement ou le processus de paiement, je travaillerai personnellement pour vous assurer de votre sélection et de résoudre tous vos problèmes. Merci de votre intérêt pour cette musique.

Joe Taylor

Blag’Ard has released his first full length record after parting ways with drummer Adam Brinson. “Bitty Bop” is an eleven song release and was written recorded and mastered in Ranson, WV, with Joe Taylor taking responsibility for all steps in the process. Reviews are coming in slowly with nationally circulated magazine The Big Takeover leading the way with a nice review by the magazine’s editor, Jack Rabid.

"Monstre Sacre" Video Shoot"Monstre Sacre" Video Shoot

In the summer of 2017 videographer Allen Finau joined Taylor in creating a video for “No One” which cracked 1000 views in the first few months. The second video for “Bitty Bop” is out now on YouTube. “Monstre Sacre” was shot in the first week of May, 2018 and includes some great video of the carnivorous plants in bloom in Wilmington NC. Check out the video by clicking HERE. You can download “Monstre Sacre” for only $0.75 here at Click Here to Download “Monstre Sacre”.

The record is available for download as singles or the entire record right here for $0.75 per single or $7 for the entire record. The download is in a lossless 320 kbps mp3 format and comes with the artwork included. Pig Zen Space accepts cryptocurrency and PayPal as payment. Blag’Ard “Bitty Bop” is also available at iTunes and Spotify.

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