Qigong Sequential Release

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Closure:  a Qigong Sequential Release

I recommend that you follow the Healthy Breathing program with a Qigong Sequential Release.  This practice provides you with a very relaxing closure to your breathing routine and can also be done by itself any time you need it.  Instructions follow the introductory materials.


A Qigong Sequential Release

Like Yoga’s Savasana, a Qigong Sequential Release is a very powerful and effective mind body energy practice, offering us the ability to find our way into experiencing deep relaxation.  What I will teach you is based upon the works of the two Qigong Masters, Dr. Yang, Jwing, Ming and Kenneth S. Cohen.   I have intuitively experimented with a method and sequencing of combining their teachings and the results of my practice is what I offer to you.  There is no formal training behind what I am giving, just personal energy practice.  My experience with healing energy tells me to look to what we find as good results, keeping what helps us and discarding the rest.  It is my strong feeling that everything in the way of dealing with subtle energy needs to be so approached.  I only tell you this so you recognize the credentials as self-experimentation, plus seeing positive results in students I have taught.  If the practice you follow helps you release and feel good, it is a good practice.

I cannot recommend enough the benefit of learning a practice for sequentially releasing the body.  If we work with ourselves one part at a time, one segment at a time, we find our way into having all of us, our many aspects and parts, relax and relax deeply.


Intuitive Qigong Sequential Release

Our order of sequencing and method of practice in our Intuitive Qigong Sequential Release will give you an alternative to the yogic energy release you’ve learned.

Order of Sequential Release: 

The ordering we will follow to release the body segment by segment is based upon Chinese medical thinking.  We will release each appendage, first our toes, entire feet and legs, including our hips and then our fingers, entire hands, wrist, elbows and arms, including our shoulders before we release the rest of the torso.

In Chinese medicine, the meridians for the distribution of energy/qi throughout the body all end or begin in the fingers of the hands or toes in the feet.  First releasing the beginning/ending points, therefore, helps us to release the flow of qi within and throughout the entire qi energy delivery system.

Once each appendage is released, we take our mind’s eye to our heads.  Beginning with the crown, release each segment down the body, crown to toes.  This is the yoga release in reverse.

(The Chinese medical theory is from Dr. Yang, the head to toe ordering is from Cohen.)

Method of Practice:  Our qigong sequence is all breathing, mental focus upon a body part, and release.

Let us turn to technique.


An Intuitive Qigong Sequential Release

Overall Technique – Sequential release, using Breath, using Focus:

Position/Options:  Select the position most comfortable to your body for your relaxation:  lying down upon the floor on a practice mat, lying on a comfortable bed, or relaxed back into the support of a chair.   Choose a space suitable to a time of inner reflection.

Technique:   Release each body part with your focus and breathing.

Inhale into a body part, mentally bringing your focus there.

Exhale, feeling the part of the body visualized releasing and relaxing.  Allow all tensions, all discomforts to ease, and leave the body in your breath.

Release each appendage, first the legs (including the hips), then the arms (including the shoulders).

Then release the torso, head to foot.

Practice Tips:  Details:  Release each segment, in the ordering that follows, using your inhalation to focus upon and vitalize the segment visualized, your exhalation to release and let go of all unneeded dis-harmony in your mind/body – all tension, all discomfort, all dis-ease.  Breathe away all these toxins.  Breathe them down and out of the body.

When prone, you may image the “down” as meaning towards the earth, releasing front to back, letting your body become heavier on your mat/bed as all dis-harmony leaves, or you may use the “down” to mean having all toxins release segment by segment, descending down the body, crown to foot, leaving through the soles of the feet.

When seated, the head to toe, down and out the feet, is natural.

The Language of “How” Comes from You:  At this point you know the “how” of talking to your body, which is why your instructions do not include my language for your release.  Talk to yourself in your mind’s eye as best assists your process of letting go.


Legs:  feet- toes, ball and arch of foot, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips

Arms:  hands- fingers, palms, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms (including shoulders)

Crown of the Body/ Head



Solar Plexus/Stomach


Root of the Body



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