Qigong: Intuitive Healing Part 2

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Healing Qigong:  The Practice – instructions include movement and healing focus: 

Ground through the feet into the Mother earth, and bring the nourishing yin energy up to the navel area of the body/mind.  Eyes closed, breathe into, strengthen, and honor the navel, the lower dan tian center.

Open the eyes to begin your movement.

 Extend the palms as though to touch the earth, then float the arms upwards, palms down, moving laterally up the sides of the body, drawing the yin energy of the earth with you.

When you reach the top of this circle, allow the palms to turn naturally and easily upwards, shoulder width above the crown.  Extend the palms as though to touch the yang energy of the heavens above you.

Turning your palms back over, direct the earthly/heavenly qi you have gathered into the crown.  Focusing in the Third Eye center, allow heaven and earth to blend with the Shen/Spirit within.  Honor the Light of the soul, your space of healing.

Breathe.  Eyes closed, focus on the gift of healing energy that pours through your hands and slowly lower the arms down the front of the body, palms facing you.  As you work your way slowly down your body, send nourishing, soothing, healing energy into each and every part of your body/mind. 

Honor the healing power of Spirit, ask to connect therein, and move the hands of healing down the front of the body.

Mentally establish your framework and then cease your thought, allowing your body to surrender, to feel, to receive the healing qi/energy.  Be grateful and humble in your work.  This practice is healing prayer in motion.

When you get to the navel area, place the hands, in the shape of a downward facing triangle, thumbs touching, fingers extended down.  Breathe.  Build and strengthen the energy within the lower dan tian, honoring the space of physical transformation.

Bend your upper body forward, suspended downwards, in a manner safe and comfortable for your spine, hands reaching the area of the knees.

Suspended downwards, breathe, release, let go.  Send all your tension, all discomfort and dis-ease down, out of your body, leaving with your exhalation. 

Return your body to your original upright qigong stance and open your eyes to begin again your intuitive healing routine.

The Forward Bend/Modifications:  If bending is not an option, lower your chin to begin your release.  If standing upright is best, remain standing.  Breathe.  Use your mind to send all toxins down, out of you, released through your feet.

Make your sequence of movements, with healing and nuance, for 3 or 5 repetitions, building in time to where you perform 9 passes of your healing hands, 9 suspensions, releasing and letting go.

When you are finished with your repetitions, stand upright, hands held one above the other in the navel lower dan tian area.  Breathe.  Observe how you are, how you feel in your body mind.

This concludes the basics of a sequence for intuitive healing qigong. 

As you work with this routine, experiment with varying methods of practice.  You may like detail in talking to your body.  This may be what opens you, which releases you.  I am like this.  You may like to keep it simple.  You may just want to know you’ve established your framework, and then do nothing but feel what is going on.  I would recommend that you try it all:  simplicity, feeling, detail, mental structure.  But most of all I would recommend that you get beyond any framework, once established, any thought, once established, any affirmation, once established, any talking, once established, and just feel the experience.  Healing is in the silence.  As in meditation, we really don’t need to do anything.  We simply need to open and to be.  The details and the language I give you are just to jumpstart you in to your own experience.


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