Qigong Standing Meditation Part 3

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Where we are:

Standing Meditation completed.

Hands on the back in the area of the kidneys, palms facing out, you ready for Closure.


Tips on Closure:  Movement and Technique

Seal and Close – Dispersing any Remaining Stagnancy

Standing Foot Massage:  We will begin to seal and close our qigong routine with a standing foot massage to continue our sense of grounding.

Rocking back and forth, shift your weight upon your feet, from front to back, side to side, and in a circle to the right, in a circle to the left.

The movements you make feel good to your feet, and drive deep within you your sense of connecting within your earthly body, the physical matter you mold to live your life.

Massage completed, grounding sensed.  Be still.  Breathe.


Sealing:  The following describes a sealing method learned within Cohen’s work.

I have always found this process to make my energy practice feel complete.

The directional instructions as to which way to first move your hands in your circling is from my energy anatomy experience; the number of circles to make and the methodology involved in how to make the circles is from Cohen’s instruction.

I point this out, for it is what I want you to do with what I am teaching as you begin to sense and feel for yourself.  Go beyond taking my word for it, letter for letter, remaining within the parameters of my particular teachings, my experience.  Is it valid?  Yes, but it is mine.  Instead I say to you:  Feel, and as you feel, make the energy you practice your own.

Guidelines, springboards –

all energy teaching is a guideline,

a springboard. 

Once you find your own way in,

you have made it Real.

The teacher leads you to the bridge.

The crossing you make is your own. 

It is in working in energy that we learn of it.  This subtle world is Real, but it is yours to define, to enter, to experience, to know.  Open yourself to this Truth and go there.  Trust in yourself and in your own intuition.  It is the Inner Eye which will teach you, not me.  It is in looking from within that we learn to see the Truth without.  No one on this earth knows more of who you are than you do.  This is the key to health, the key to life, the key to living in and through Spirit.  Immerse.  Identify.  Live without in your daily life that which you see and sense from within.  All the faiths say it like this.  The kingdom of God is truly within.  So powerful, so beautiful – this is our gift from Spirit.  Why cannot we all just see it?

Where we are:

Standing Meditation completed.

Standing foot massage completed.

Hands on the back in the area of the kidneys, palms facing out, you ready for Sealing and Dispersing.


Closure:  Sealing and Dispersing Synopsis: 

Sealing the Lower Dan Tian, Sealing the Ming Men

Dispersing Remaining Stagnancy


Sealing the Navel, the Lower Dan Tian:  Stand comfortably, knees released, feet hip distance apart.

Bring your hands from your back, and place them, one on top of the other, in the area of your navel.

Focus deep within your body into the navel area, your lower dan tian, to begin your process of sealing, using circular movements to enhance the vital energy within your body/mind.


Circling the Hands:  Move your hands to make 6 small circles around the navel:  first up from the navel and towards the right of your body, then down below the navel and towards the left of your body, returning up and over the navel to meet your point of beginning.

Continuing to move first towards the right, enlarge the diameter of your circling, so that your hands lightly massage your abdomen, again 6 times.

Make 6 more circles, beginning to the right, larger still, this time the hands reaching up to the area of your rib cage and descending as low as your pubic bone.

You now retrace the pattern of your circling, this time going first to the left, moving from the largest pattern 6 times, to a smaller pattern of circling 6 times, and finishing with 6 small circles directly around the navel.

Back in your point of beginning, hands placed in the lower dan tian, the navel, one on top of the other, you have completed your process of Sealing the Lower Dan Tian, the Navel.

Breathe.  Be still.

Observe how you are in your body mind.

Honor what you feel and sense and see.

You are ready to Seal the Ming Men.


Sealing the Ming Men, the Kidney Area of the Back: 

Move the hands from the navel to rest again on the back in the area of the kidneys, palms facing out, fingers curling in, forming a relaxed fist.

Circling the Hands:  Use the back of the palms to circle the kidney area of the back, as follows:  hands moving first up the spinal column, then out to the side, down and back towards the spine.  Make your movements, your circles, both palms moving at the same time, 36 times, knowing, that as you do this, you seal your energy within this area of the back, known in qigong as the Ming Men, the Gate of Life.


Dispersing Remaining Stagnancy:  In the process, called Dispersing Stagnancy, you use your mindset and your hands to release any sense of discomfort you feel remaining in your body.  Work with yourself.  Recognize that you may release and let go of your old friends, your lasting tension, familiar spaces of discomfort.  How you do this is beautifully simple.  Circle or tap any area you want to release, telling the body, “It’s okay, let go, I no longer need to carry you with me.”  Talk to yourself.  Breathe.  Work it out.  Tell it to go.  Breathe it out.


Good places to circle are the head:  use the hands to move around the face, up beside the nose over the brow down the temples the jaw and up again beside the nose.  Circle the eyes, the ears, the jaw, the whole head, massaging the scalp.  Breathe.  Let it all go.

Circle the Neck, the Shoulders.  One way I like to release the whole head neck and shoulder area is: Hold one arm down, released by the side.  Bring the other arm up to the center of your crown, starting there to brush away all mental/emotional/physical tension moving your hand down your head, down your neck, over to your throat, down to your heart, and release it all from the body, brushing it out of you – over the collar bone, the shoulder and out the arm, releasing from the hand the fingertips.  Again.  Make this brushing sequence again.  Use it as many times as it feels good to do so.  What are you releasing?  Stuff in your head, thought, emotion, opening your heart and your throat to express and live, finding your way to being who you are in life.  Tension is blockage.  Working it out is a process.  Breathe it out.  Use your hands.

Circle:  wherever you hold your tension.  If it is your gut, your stomach, your abdomen, make your circles, up the right, across the stomach, down and out through the left, following your normal abdominal release.  If it is your hips, middle, or lower back, if it is your knees, your legs, use your tapping, your circles to connect with your discomfort and brush it away.  Release it.  Brush it off.  Breathe it out.

Circles for Closure:  Finish your sealing process by circling within the space of the three dan tians, directing your movement clockwise (you are the face of the clock): up and across to the left, down and across to the right, back up again to the left.

Circle the Brow, the Upper Dan Tian.

Circle the Heart, the Middle Dan Tian.

Circle the Navel, the Lower Dan Tian, storing your energy in this space.

Make your circular movements from 3 to 5 times.


Your healing qigong is complete. 

So, what have you done?  You’ve circled and tapped, and brushed and moved and breathed and grounded and sealed all you want, all in the name of seeking inner peace.  There’s humor here, my friend, so laugh at yourself, and share the healing you have found with all you meet in the rest of your day.

Healer, heal one’s self.

Heal the Whole. 

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