Savasana: Segmental Release with Breath and Imagery

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Savasana, a Segmental Release with Breath and Imagery

The Power of Repetition:  Repeatedly practicing Savasana with physical movement teaches you to learn to sense and see your body in the marma energy segments.  This is the sole purpose of the inclusion of physical movement.  Do not however feel that you are kept from learning this process should physical movement be difficult, limited, or just simply not possible.  Though it may take you longer, the repeated imagery and focus upon the body segments as you use your breath will get you to the cognizance you seek:  the seeing/knowing of the body in its energy segments.  To practice without body movement, talk to yourself – speak out loud or in your head.  Repetition is the key – to either method of practice.  Mental training is equally strong.  You have to make yourself stick with it.  This may be the challenge here, yet it is surmountable.  The mind – remember it all begins in the mind.

Practice without the physical movement:  Mind into body, mind/body – you use your mind and your breath only to note, visualize, vitalize, release and heal.  You use the same routine as given earlier.  You use the same breath work.  You image the same segments.  All that is not there is the movement of your body.  The effort you make to etch your way into a practice of Savasana with Breath and Imagery is worth the repeated practice.  Words are inadequate to describe for you what happens, but if you will keep to your practice, in time you let go of your physical shell and the subtle energies of life help you heal.

Each day should include this practice.  Why?  Too easily we rebuild our intensities, allowing old familiar patterns of emotion and thought to disturb our physical beings.   Practice, practice, practice –

release, balance and harmony come in the practice. 

Remember, relaxation is a learned skill.

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