Yoga Sequence to Relax the Head, Neck, and Shoulders Part 2

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Stand to begin to release the shoulders. 


8 Movements to Release the Shoulder (Standing):

Lifts – up/down – single, double

Rotations – forward, back – single, double

Hands to Shoulder Double rotations, Palms in 3 Different Positions

Arm Swing

Clasped Hands to Tailbone – stabilizer

Shoulder/Lower Arm Release:  Clasped Hands Movements to sacrum, to waist

Shoulder/ Upper Arm Release

Upper Arm Stabilizer, Lower Arm Stabilizer


Stand feet hip distance apart, parallel, in correct body alignment, hands down beside the body, the palms facing the legs.  Begin your shoulder release with shoulder lifts.

Lifts – up/down – single, double:  Image:

Slowly lift and lower your shoulders, first one shoulder, the other, then lift and lower both together.

Tips for Mind Body Power:  Making these movements is a good way to begin to release shoulder muscle tension.  Inhale while you are lifting.  Breathe out, lowering, releasing. Let go of tension.  Breathe it away.  Inhale.  Bring in peace, new life.  Exhale.  Soften, lengthen, ease.  Move gently, paying attention to your body.  Observe.  Focus.  Heal.

Rotations – forward, back – single, double:  Images Each

Rotate the shoulder, moving the shoulder blade forward and up, back and down.  Make these movements with your right, then left shoulders.

Make the same rotations using the shoulders together.

Move slowly through the different positions, paying attention to the muscles, the breath.

Repeat your sequence of rotations moving in the opposite direction – to the back and up, forward and down – first single, right shoulder/left shoulder, then double, both shoulders.  Repeat each rotation sequence 3 times.

Hands to Shoulder Double rotations, Palms in 3 Different Positions: Images 3Palms

Rotate both shoulders together:  forward/up, back/down, then back/up, forward/down.

Place the palms in the following 3 different positions for the rotations:

  1.  Palms facing down fingertips lightly touching the tops of the shoulders, elbows down the front of the body,
  2. Palms facing the neck, thumbs touching shoulder tops, little fingers towards the head,
  3. Palms again lightly touching the tops of the shoulders this time with elbows extended out to the side.


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