Prologue, Many Faces of Healing

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Eight months ago, at the age of 68, a lifetime’s journey of working with healing energy and mind body modalities came spilling out of me. The expression felt so right. I loved getting up to get at this computer. My motive was to take a field with energy information behind it that seems unusual and make it touchable, understandable. I did not want anything I said to close a door. Instead I wanted to help each and every person experience the healing that comes through the mindset and practice of the mind body modalities.

Mind/body healing practices have nurtured me my whole life. Teaching, I have truly seen miraculous changes in wellbeing in the lives of students, who, week after week, took in new ways to think, learning practices to use to interact within their body, mind, and spirit. It has really been fun. I’ve gotten to be a part of the lives of many and have always felt blessed as I would see them feel better.

At the time of this writing, I felt I was designing a program anyone could take and use. Today I know differently. Today I better understand inability. Ready to do the imagery for my routines, I am physically unable. For the longest time I did not know what was wrong with me, and yes, it was a downer. I read and re-read my own book, looking to find again my own inspiration. With these pages on my lap I would read and say to myself, “Yes, I wrote this. Yes, I know this. Yes, this is true. Yes, I believe this. Yes, I can help myself. I can heal.”

With my diagnosis of osteoporosis and a spinal compression bone fracture behind me, I’ve turned a corner, once more getting a handle on myself. Knowledge is power. Knowing what my story is allows me to become again pro-active. This I am doing. I’ve turned to the heart of who I am, of what I know. This heart, this kernel of truth is: physical matter is subtle energy made dense. Once again, I seek to live this knowledge in my cells. Once again, I seek to impact the life I live in my body. Change, yes, I’m going for change. And, I invite you to join me.

This book also has its heart, its true core. This core requires only belief in one’s self, an open mind set, and an energy practice. As I get the imagery in, through a model or through drawing, I will bring to the foreground the practice that is truly available to anyone. And this, I will be happy to model myself!

When we open into the spirit that is our life force,

when we come to believe in ourselves,

when we approach life and its challenges

through the spirit we are in body and mind,

we are unstoppable.

Enjoy this.

These concepts and these simple practices

can change your life.


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