Qigong: Intuitive Healing Part 1

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Synopsis of Routine:  Intuitive Healing Qigong

Establish Stance and Focus

The Practice:  Movement/Healing Focus

Hands Down – Grounding into the Yin Qi of the Earth

Hands Lifting – Connecting with the Yang Qi of the Heavens

Hands to Third Eye – Combining the Yin & Yang with the Shen/Spirit Within

Passing Healing Hands Down the Body, Crown to Navel/Lower Dan Tian

Hands Forming Reversed Triangle to Navel, Strengthening Lower Dan Tian

Forward Bend Release

Return to Original Qigong Stance/Focus

Repeat sequence 3 to 5 times in beginning, building to 9 total repetitions

Closure – Hands to Navel, Grounding Breathing Observing Body/Mind

Intuitive Healing Qigong – Detailed Instructions:


Stance:  Normal qigong stance, feet parallel, hip distance part, weight even on the feet, tailbone slightly grounded, knees slightly bent, arms relaxed beside the body, elbows and wrists released and open.  Breathing is abdominal, through the nose, involving the total torso, front and back of the abdomen, front, sides, and back of the ribcage, throat is a passage.

Focus (qigong plus intuitive healing):  Starting with the feet, we are going to open into the energy anatomy.  Go through this mind/body process, honoring it as process, a statement you make unto yourself, to link into and connect with the subtle space you are opening, and know that as you mentally affirm this statement, you create within your consciousness a framework for healing.

Gem:  Think of the process as building anew a healthy etheric body, for the etheric is the framework through which your consciousness pours into your density.  This is an energy truth.

Qigong Stance, Eyes closed, create your Energy Opening:  (Visual – Qigong Stance)

Feet:  Breathe.  Open now the feet to receive the nourishing energy of the earth.

Root:  Breathe.  Open now the root, bringing this nourishing energy to circle deep within the body in the area of the navel.

Navel:  Breathe.  Feel the energy build within the lower dan tian, strengthening the Original Qi within this space.

Gem:  Within esoteric healing the space of the sacral chakra surrounding the navel links us into our etheric body and offers us the possibility for magical physical transformation.  As the etheric changes, we change – this is an energy truth.  Change the inner scaffolding of any building and the building will change shape.

This is the power of the subtle within our physical world.  Life is created from the inside out and as we alter the inner scaffolding within our subtle bodies, we bring/evoke change within our density, our physical body.  The power, the impact we can have is profound, yet as I have said so frequently, for this to be reality in our lives, we have to see it.  When we own it, internally, in the subtle space that is our consciousness, we live it in our cells and in our lives.

Heart:  Breathe.  Open now the Heart, allowing the unconditional Love that centers there to flow.

Brow/Third Eye:  Breathe.  Focus within the Inner Eye, the Third Eye window unto our soul, and honor the healing radiance.

Crown:  Breathe.  Open now the crown to receive the energy of Spirit, and honor the space of soul within you.

Breathe.  Surrender.

The work is in establishing

the inner alignment – the science that is spirit.

Touch this realm of Spirit

and healing comes. 

It is an automatic.

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