A Healer’s Qigong: Introduction

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A Healer’s Qigong

The routine which follows combines intuitive energy healing sensory experience with the work of qigong Master Kenneth Cohen to create a practice of Healing Qigong.  Whether you do or do not have a sensory understanding of qi, of working with the subtle energy body, the following of a routine wherein you utilize the mindset of understanding will, in time, open for you the door to this understanding.  Working within the energy world is working within a subtle space of much power and it is best for your physical body if you take your time in building your cognizance.  Your physical density can only handle but so much of the increased vibratory quickening which occurs within cellular structure while working within the energy bodies.  I want you to trust me on this, because too much is too much and speed is harmful.  Open slowly.  Continue to build and to open further when you’ve practiced some and see no excessive intensity come into your physical body.

When I tell you this, I am telling you from experience learned, from having put more in there than my density can handle.  As one of the esoteric writers has stated, increased mental concentration is reflected to find its way into our bodies.  You know this.  Be emotionally upset and your body also becomes upset.  Think and concentrate over and over on any topic and your muscles tense, your head fills up.  Diffusion is the name of the game.  When you feel intensity, you’ve had enough.  This applies to qigong work, to thinking, to feeling.  Balance – to have balance, we must learn to be moderate in all things and to have the sense to cease any activity when we feel discomfort in the body.  We always have this opportunity.  I don’t care how busy we are, how much is going on around us, within us.  We can take a moment.  Breathe.  Close your eyes.  Go to your point of stillness inside and you will find stillness.

The Practice of Intuitive Healing through Qigong

As in any experience involving healing energies, you receive from your practice according to the level of consciousness you reach as you go within.  Healing is an experience of spirit, met through consciousness, springing forward from the subtle space into which we delve.  It is absolutely a beautiful thing and is possible for all levels of seekers, for who is the seeker, but the one who searches for the unknown?  None of us, not me, not you, will ever be able to truly define life.  Do we need to do this?  Only that human part of us does.  The part that is spirit is always there, always waiting, always ready to help us, the moment we blend therein.  Yes, there is the work.  The blending, the identification is up to us.  From that level of consciousness to which we go and from which we concentrate our lives, comes our potentials for harmony and the source of our disease.  Disease is a space wherein spirit and matter are not freely or harmoniously relating.  Health is alignment, spirit and matter in rhythm and harmony.  In the esoteric works which I’ve studied for so long, when one seeks health or healing, one is told to take one’s mindset and vision away from density and instead to reach for spirit, the healer of the form.  True healing is of the energy of the soul, pouring through our density, bringing all factors into alignment.  There is nothing which is impossible if and when we touch the Heart of who we are, life vitalized in Love, a soul inhabiting a density.

The focus upon inner causation, upon energy, makes qigong a special practice.  Qigong tells you that you are qi, you live in qi, and that qi powers your body.  Just another way of saying you are spirit creating and moving matter.  As we practice together the qigong routine for healing, take the language that I use and apply to it that which pulls you into your inner essence, into how you feel about spirit in your life.  There is never any rigidity involved in the language of Truth, so use the words, the imagery of Spirit which opens and helps you.  The physical movement and sequencing in the technique that follows is based upon the work of Qigong Master Kenneth Cohen.  The imagery and focus is mine – coming from years of working intuitively in healing, sensing and experiencing the subtle space within the human energy anatomy.


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