Pig Zen Studio

Pig Zen Space has a small recording studio in Wilmington NC just off College Rd. on Wrightsville Ave. There is a growing list of high quality equipment available including some great mics (two AKG 414c XLS, Audio Technica AE2500), and a great interface (Apogee Element 88) recording on Cubase Pro 10 DAW. The house drum kit is a Yamaha Rock Tour Custom from the 90’s. Guitar cabs include a custom 212 with Celestion G12H 55 Hz Greenbacks, and a 112 with a vintage Rola Celestion G12H Blackback from the late 70’s . Guitar effects includes a GSP2101 Digitech from the 90’s. There is a Music Man Stingray bass and, coming soon, a bass rig. Vocal PA available for rehearsals as well. The rates are the best in town for the quality level of the gear you can use or be recorded with. Contact me for more info. info@pigzenspace.com