Qigong Standing Meditation Part 2

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Back from our divergence, back to our topic.

Back into our Qigong Sequence- Where we are in Our Practice:
You have filled your being with qi in your practice of Healthy Breathing. You have purified your qi in your Healing Qigong. You have come to the part in Healing Qigong where you have made your passes of your body, your releases, feeling your nuances for healing. You are standing upright, eyes closed, in a qigong stance, breathing abdominally, all joints released, hands held in front of the navel.
Open your eyes to begin to circulate the qi in a Standing Meditation.
Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, held comfortably in place on the upper palate, to connect the energies that run up the back and down the front within the energy anatomy.
If your mouth fills with saliva during Standing Meditation, simply swallow it, sending energy down to store within the lower dan tian.

Beginner’s Standing Meditation: Synopsis
Honoring the Lower Dan Tian
Honoring the Middle Dan Tian
Honoring the Upper Dan Tian
Closure: Standing Foot Massage
Sealing the Lower Dan Tian, Sealing the Ming Men
Dispersing Remaining Stagnancy

(Visual Images to come before each of the sections:)
Beginner’s Standing Meditation: (based upon the work of Kenneth Cohen):
Technique and Movement: Detailed Instructions
Honoring the Lower Dan Tian: Extend your arms so that they are held slightly away from the body, in the shape of a bow, with your elbows bending out to the side and your fingers relaxing down pointing towards the upper thigh.
In this position, focus deep within the body into the Lower Dan Tian and honor the Original Qi, the Jing energy of the body. Breathe. Release all you are in to this space of your body mind, grounding, honoring, strengthening the etheric vitality from which your body is made manifest. Breathe. Go beyond thought and rest your essence within this space.
As you stand there, affirm to yourself: All stagnancies yield, all excesses release. All deficiencies fill. All weaknesses receive vitality.
Make this affirmation to yourself and then again, go beyond thought and feel this pattern working within your body. Stagnancies yield, deficiencies fill, as the energy circulates up the back and down the front within the center-line of the body. Breathe.

Visual Image
Honoring the Middle Dan Tian: Float the arms up from the Lower Dan Tian to the area of the Heart, holding the hands, almost touching one another, fingers together, palms cupped and facing the body, on either side of the sternum, elbows releasing down lower than the hands.
In this position, honor the qi of the body/mind, the prana which goes where it needs to go to replenish and nourish you. Feel deep within you the Love energy within the Life Force of this space. The Heart Chakra is the Christ chakra, the Spirit that is Matter. Breathe. Honor this space.
Again, make your affirmations: stagnancies yield, deficiencies fill, as the energy circulates. Affirmations complete, stand focused in this space and observe.
This is the time to feel, not think – to be, not figure. Breathe.

Visual Image
Honoring the Upper Dan Tian: Raise the forearms so that the forearms and hands are positioned on either side of the head away from the body out in front of the temple. Turn the forearms and hands externally to the side, with the thumbs reaching in towards the temples, the fingers extending diagonally outwards, the elbows and upper arms releasing down slightly lower than parallel to the ground.
In this position, honor the Shen energy, the Spirit within the crown, the Third Eye window unto the subtle world. Breathe.
Again, make your affirmations: Excesses yield, deficiencies fill with healing, this time adding to your thought the language you would use to ask Spirit to live through you in your life.
Breathe. Be quiet within yourself, honoring the process that allows your energy to move, to circulate, and to bring healing. Remember, healing is surrendering. As we surrender spirit becomes our matter. Our cells change. We change. We become who we are on this earth. There is no greater mission for our lives, for as we become whole, all matter responds as well. Life upon the earth would be so different if we all did this – worked on ourselves to live an exemplary life.
Grounding: Float the arms down from the head and position them hip distance apart in the area of the navel, fingers lightly together, facing forward from the body, palms down.
In this position, feel a push downwards from your hands. Use your body/mind to ground, to store and replenish your vital energy within the Lower Dan Tian.
Breathe. Honor your life. Honor body, mind, and spirit.
Breathe. Affirmations made. Energy circulated. Energy grounded.
Remove the tongue from the upper palate. Your Standing Meditation is completed.
Place your hands on your back in the area of the kidneys to be ready for your closure, Sealing and Dispersing remaining stagnancy.

Standing Meditation Tips for Use:
Vision/Focus: In all the points where the eyes are opened in any practice of qigong there is a method of seeing which is utilized. The best way to describe this is that it is seeing without attaching to what you see. Once you attach to a visual you automatically begin to think about it and this brings your attention away from your process. What you are doing as you gaze forward is seeing without having any specified focus. It is always wonderful to practice outside, standing and being in nature, feeling your connection with all of life in your surroundings. Whatever you see or hear is simply a part of your practice, of your experience. All of the mental focus I have mentioned, which I tend to love so much, needs to be made and then let go of, for the true experience in qigong is what you feel. To establish thought then go beyond it is to enter the space of healing.
Method: If you carry a huge amount of tension in your head neck and shoulder area, I would recommend the following. You establish your framework, allowing your mind to do what it naturally does, think about everything. But, when you practice, you practice totally with feeling. Gathering qi, blending heaven and earth into the Spirit within the crown, simply breathe and feel as you move your hands of healing down your body. Store in the Lower Dan Tian. Bend forward, release. Breathe. Feel.
And when you go to use the Standing Meditation, only do the part that strengthens the Lower Dan Tian. Leave the practice of holding the Middle and Upper Dan Tians for later. Honor the Lower Dan Tian, Ground, Seal and Close. You already have enough energy and thought in your upper body. What you need is to get out of your head. Why do I know this? I deal continuously with this issue, but I’m sure you’ve already guessed that!! So, I am recommending what I myself need. As you practice in this fashion, you will begin to see release from this upper body mess. At that time, move into including all the sections of the Standing Meditation.


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