Qigong: Intuitive Healing Nuances

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Healing Nuances to add to Technique/Movement:

Qigong stance, eyes closed, breathing, opening and connecting into the subtle energy body, observing how you feel.  Be thankful to the Spirit you are as you begin to move your body in healing prayer.

Touch the earth, arc to the heavens, let heaven and earth blend together with the Spirit in your crown.  Honor the Eye of Spirit, and ask for Spirit to run your life, to live through you, to clear and cleanse the many blockages you have created.  Breathe.  Honoring Radiant Healing Light, you are ready to lower your palms, and speak to your energy body the language of healing.  Consecrate this body/mind.  Make it Holy.


Position:  Eyes closed.  Your hands are above the crown, shoulder width apart and ready to begin their journey down the body.

Movement/Healing Affirmation:

Hands facing the body, in the area of the Third Eye Chakra:  Consecrate the Personality I am to be the vessel of Spirit.


Hands facing body in the area of the Throat Chakra:  Consecrate my mental body, all thought, all spoken words, this life and all of time.  Consecrate the Throat, make it Holy.


Hands facing the body in the area of the Heart Chakra:  Consecrate my Heart, that my life force serves the good of the Whole.  May the Love of the One Soul pour through me, this life, and all of time.  Consecrate the Heart, make it Holy.


Hands facing the body in the area of the Solar Plexus Chakra:  Consecrate my emotional body, all feelings, all desires, this life and all of time.  May my feelings be constructive helpful and good.  Consecrate the Solar Plexus, make it Holy.


Hands facing the body in the area of the navel, the Sacral Chakra:  Consecrate my etheric body, honoring the elements I share with all of life.

Hands facing the navel, in the shape of a downward triangle, ground, open, pray:

As I walk this earth, may the physical manifestation resonate in harmony with the needs of the soul.  Let there be cleansing, let there be clearing, manifesting more fully the divine upon this earth.


The Release:

Bend forward/lower the chin/stand, hands relaxed down, in the area of the knees if folded forward.  Be humble.  Breathe.  In your exhalation, allow all that is old, all that is no longer needed in your life, to leave your body.  Release all toxins, all discomforts, all dis-ease – and graciously accept the healing that may pour through you from your soul.

Stand again and repeat your process of healing prayer.

As you move, as you open, you use your body in prayer, in meditation, in gratitude.


Commune within

to touch the Spirit you are

and you restore

and renew

vitality in your life.

When you become the vessel

you are whole. 


If you plan on stopping qigong for the day, you would add at this time, a sealing process, which finishes with a dispersal for any remaining stagnant energy.

Simplicity:  You may perform the entire sequence just described, by opening, feeling and moving.  This is just as powerful.  Simply know:  wherever your hands pass, as they move down your body, healing energy pours through the space that you are, in your body/mind, bringing healing, soothing, strengthening, dissipating all that hinders service and good health.  This language comes from the healing mantra taught in esoteric healing by a Tibetan Master.  The beauty and power therein may change your life.



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