Yoga: Preparation

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For Those Preparing to Use the body in a Sequence:

Mindset in Your Yoga Practice

How does yoga help us relax? Yoga gives us rules to the road as to how to interact with our bodies. Most of us do not think about what our bodies are. We just use them. Yoga tells us to pay attention when we use our bodies, to listen to what we sense, to honor what we find. Yoga tells us to be the observer, to move with focus and with awareness. Moving with focus and awareness, we see what we overuse, what we strain, what we call upon that is unneeded. Observation is a yogic lesson. This yogic lesson helps us to undo poor habits, to release muscles we use unnecessarily, to rediscover what I’ve come to think of as natural breathing. Movement and breath do work together and when we observe ourselves in our movement, we find the natural process. It is not inhale and you raise your arms. As you raise your arms, you find it natural to inhale. Why? You are opening your body. As we open, we inhale naturally. Yoga teaches us to learn natural movement and breath and natural movement and breath bring relaxation.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Yoga Magic Happens

When We

Practice, Practice, Practice

The Abdomen and the Throat – How do we get this tense?

Many of us store our tension in our throats and our abdomens. Clamping down our jaws and mouths, freezing the natural movement of our abdomen, we hold within us the emotions we want to yell out loud and the thinking that never does anything but rattle around our heads. What we lock up within us in the way of emotion and thought locks up within our bodies. The following yoga routine can help to shift us out of what we’ve frozen in place. As we release the body, we learn, as well, to release our thoughts, act positively on our dreams, and simply express, express, express. Mind body, body mind- each aspect helps the other.

Working with your body, changing yourself positively brings harmony into your body and into your life. It is a win-win situation. So, look to your body as your helper. Use your body to help you know, to help you express, to teach you to be yourself. Yoga magic happens when you practice.

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