Qigong – Opening and Connecting the Hara Healing Line

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Let us begin our practice, Opening and Connecting the Hara Healing Line.

Synopsis: Opening and Connecting the Hara Healing Line
Establish Stance and Focus
First Hand Position – Hands in V around Navel: Focus/Affirmation
Arcing of Arms: Movement/Affirmation
Prayer Hands in the Heart – Movement and Affirmation
Arms Extended Beside Head: Movement and Prayer
Prayer Hands above Crown, Moving Front/Back, Finding Center
Prayer Hands in Center above Crown Honoring Spirit
Final Movements/Hand Positions/Affirmation/Prayer – Hands from Crown to 3rd Eye to Heart
Closure: Prayer Hands to Heart to Navel, one on top other
Prayer for Personal Healing
Prayer for All Life

Practice Details: Opening and Connecting the Hara Healing Line
Though your instructions come in segments, this routine is to be practiced as a unit. It is a flow from position to position, a linking of essence to essence, using affirmative prayer.

Visual – Establish Qigong Stance and Focus
Stand in the qigong stance you know: feet parallel, rooted into the earth, legs hip distance apart, knees relaxed and open, arms suspended comfortably beside the body, elbows and wrists relaxed, shoulders descending down releasing away from the head, chest neither pushed forward nor held back, head lifting towards the heavens. There you are again: grounded into the earth, reaching for the heavens.
Be still. Breathe. Observe how you are in your body/mind, noting what you find.
This is your point of beginning.
Now we will work for change.

Visual of First Hand Position
Keep your eyes, open or closed, your choice.
If you leave your eyes open, make sure you practice your qigong method of seeing without attaching.
Gem/Energy Tip: Put to the side in Layout – Practicing in front of a mirror is interesting, for in so doing you may find yourself as you switch back and forth from closed to open eyes with a visual of the etheric subtle space, observing the interaction between the changes within and the changes without. I did this for years as I began to see the lines and lights of the energy body. Plus, I’ve led many into this visual while teaching in yoga. Working in energy modalities can bring us in to the space where we see beyond density which is why I mention this. But remember, we all open differently and this may not be your experience with the energy world. What is valid for you is your experience. Note within yourself what sensory things happen for you. Seek to see the pattern. See if you can make the pattern make sense. This is how we learn of the meaning of our vibratory sensory tactile experiences. In short, don’t seek to be me. Be you. You are an energy being and you will find out about the uniqueness that is you as you express your energy journey. That’s truly what I love about it all. Unique but joined… this is the state of all of life.

First Hand Position: Hands in V around Navel: Focus/Affirmation:
Move the hands to rest on either side of the navel, little fingers lightly touching the abdomen, the tips of the middle fingers directed downwards and joined, palms facing one another so the hands form the shape of a V on either side of the navel.
Relax the hands. Breathe. Observe the feeling that comes to you. This hand position grounds us.
Thus the affirmation: Ground me deep within this Mother Earth.
Work here in this space. Honor the connection you have within your physical body while you travel through this life. Honor the earth that sustains you, the matter through which you live.
This matter is shared by all of us. Honor the connection we have one to the other, the common nature of the elemental matter that forms our flesh. Brotherhood is a scientific reality awaiting recognition, so let us help it along, and use movement and mindset in prayer not only for the unit we are but for the whole.

Visual –Arcing of Arms/Technique/Affirmation

Movement/Focus: Arms Move Up and Down the Sides of the Body, Earth to Heaven, Heaven to Earth. Touch the earth. Float the hands upwards, palm down, elbows descending, palms turning naturally towards the heavens as the arms both extend beside the crown.
The essence in your practice for opening into and connecting within the hara healing line is the visualization you have in your movement and the prayer you affirm for your fellow man. Remember, you are using your body as instrument of prayer. You are, you become prayer in motion.
Visualization and Prayer:
Hands touch the earth.
Arms lifting up: Lift up the hearts and minds of men.
Arms coming down: May Light and Love return to earth.
If you like, link together your physical movements with your stated prayer, as follows:
Arms lifting up: Lift up the hearts (arms extended to side from the heart) and minds of men (arms reaching the area of the crown).
Arms coming down: May Light (crown) and Love (heart) return to earth.

Repeat your movements and your prayer again, 2nd time.

If you are visual, visualize this happening as you move your body. If you are sentient, use the Light you see and the Love you feel to draw all of us into a better space. If neither of these sensory experiences is present for you, have faith in your prayer for mankind.
See it, say it, create it – it is an energy truth. Each thought we have impacts the collective consciousness. Used positively, this is our hope for collective healing.
Visual – Prayer Hands in Heart –Movement/Affirmation
Third time going up, bring the arms half-way, extending out, at shoulder level, and turn the hands to face one another.
Move the hands to join together in prayer, bringing this Light and Love into your heart.
The thumbs face the Heart – bringing Love within.
The fingers extend forward – sending Love without.
Healing Prayer: Open now the Heart so that the Love that centers there begins to flow.

Visual – Arms Extended beside Head, Palms Apart
Our next movement honors the pathway, the seeking for our soul.
Movement and Prayer: Move the arms to extend comfortably beside the head, palms apart, facing one another. Image your entire being as a ray of light.
Lifting your hands, visualize/affirm this prayer: As the individual soul reaches up, the universal soul bends down.
Breathe. Honor your essence, your soul journey.

Visual – Prayer Hands above the Crown
Movement and Prayer: Bring the hands to join together in prayer above the crown, knowing as you do, you offer human heart and mind unto your soul. Breathe. Surrender. Be humble and thankful for all you are in life. Healing is surrendering.

Visual – Prayer Hands forward/back – Finding your Center

Movement and Connection: Move your prayer hands forward and back above the crown, several times if you like, honoring the subtle energies of the front of the body, of the back of the body.
Next move the prayer hands slowly towards the center, feeling for where you want to hold them. You will find your space to stop and be still somewhere in the middle from front to back above your crown. This is subjective. Don’t make it difficult. Any place you tell yourself is right is right.
Be still. Breathe.

Visual – Prayer Hands in the Center above the Crown, Honoring Spirit

Visual and Prayer: Standing thus, Prayer Hands in the Center, affirming your divinity while you pray within your flesh, recognize within you a line of energy through the center of your body and open and surrender into this channel, from the root of the earth to beyond the crown reaching for the heavens.
Mentally in your mind or verbally with your voice, state this connection – root to navel to heart to brow to crown and above.
Making the statement creates the opening to the pathway. Say it.
Then cease thought and prayer. Be.
Simply surrender, honor, and breathe.

Final Movements – Position – Crown to 3rd Eye to Heart – Affirmation/Prayer:
Movement and Visualization:

Move the hands from above the crown back down, bringing Light (middle fingers of prayer hands touching brow/3rd Eye)
and Love (prayer hands in the heart) to nurture you.
Stand still and breathe taking in the essence you have brought into your heart.

Spirit, Mindset and Healing: Faith is tied in to healing and healing tied in to faith. Yet, the bottom line is the opening we make, the identifying within to the level of consciousness within our own energy body where this energy reality becomes our reality. That is the key to having any healing modality be effective for us. The key comes from Spirit. Mindset opens our path. Through mindset we find where Spirit meets Matter and Matter becomes well. If this process were easy, we’d all have perfect bodies and feel 100 per cent all the time. So, be patient with yourself and practice, practice, practice. These physical challenges we have offer us spiritual openings and as we open spiritually we heal physically. Simple. Beautiful. Our life challenge. Join the group. We all have it.

Visual – Closure: Prayer Hands to Heart to Navel

Movement, Visualization and Prayer: Move the prayer hands from the heart again to the navel (the hara), and as you turn the hands back down to rest one on top of the other in the hara, send the Love you know within your Heart out unto the earth to be of service.
Prayer for Personal Healing
If you are seeking personal healing, pray for spirit to heal your flesh.

I use the prayer I’ve given you earlier, “As I walk this earth, may the physical manifestation resonate in harmony with the needs of the soul. Let there be cleansing and let there be clearing, manifesting more fully the divine on this earth.”

Take the time here, within this space of the hara, wherein your etheric realm may be touched and altered, and express your personal prayer for healing.
The language which is of your own heart will help you.

Visual – Prayer for All Life

Finish your practice, though, in going beyond your singular self.
Lift the hands and extend them out from the heart, palm up.
Hold within your palms, this planet earth, all life upon and within it – each man, each woman, each child, each kingdom in matter – and send the spiritual healing energy of Love upon us all.

Pray for: Peace, Light, Harmony, and Love throughout this planet earth.

Ever combining verbal energy essence with a physical movement, I like to blow this healing energy upon my hands visualizing our creation of heaven on earth. Idealism is where it all begins. So join me. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

This concludes our sequence. I hope you have enjoyed spending this time with me in healing and in healing prayer.

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