Qigong – Framing Your Journey in Intuitive Energy Healing Practice

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Framing Your Journey in Intuitive Energy Healing Practice
Our next modality, where we will work to open into and connect the Hara Healing Line, continues you along your journey of intuitive energy healing practice. In sharing with you and in teaching to you an intuitive practice of my own, I want what we experience together to lead you in to the understanding of how you in truth frame your own journey. Not one of us can or should carbon copy the other as we seek to know the world of non-density. But, I have told you this before and if you have not accepted it fully, this is your chance. For what is coming your way are energy structures, principles applied according to what I sense and see and know. The principles and the laws and the reality of the structure are absolutely valid. These are the laws of nature, of energy about which we talk. How you get yourself into a cognizance of this truth – experiencing the seeing, the sensing and the knowing requires you to find your own way in to the experience. There is not another living breathing person who can do this for you. You do this for yourself. How? Look within. Know that within you is the Spirit from which you live. Immerse yourself there, through your acceptance of your inner truth, and explore. The quest for identification – that this process is uniquely yours to do should excite you. Your spiritual being has offered you the greatest gift. Your spiritual being says to you. You are spirit. So say to yourself, I am Spirit. Seek and you shall find. What we think about, practice, and dwell upon, we are. This is your Truth. This is your journey. Breathe. I’m going to teach you now a framework that you may use to help you find this beautiful space within that is yours from which you may co-create your life.

Look within
to find out
how you work
how you operate
how you are without.

This energy teaching, of how to connect the Hara Healing Line, is to be a routine first learned, then more importantly, reworked by you. Shaping what you learn, allowing what you learn to be filtered and re-experienced through your own inner path to Spirit is the only way you learn to frame your own journey. You receive and open into your own power when you recognize this truth as fact.

The Intuitive World of the Inner Eye
Spirit asks you to frame your own journey,
to take what is taught you, only to rework it.
The stamp you place upon life is
your own to find and make.
The heart of who you are beckons.
The spirit we are is always there –
awaiting our seeing,
awaiting our living.
This is the gift of soul to life.

If I can teach you one truth my life has taught me, it is this: your life is yours, to be designed through your sensory experiencing, to be brought to the surface, colored through your own unique knowing of divinity. As we travel along in the journey, if we live it not for ourselves but for our Source, we find ourselves coming into sync, finding our way into a full and beautiful expression of life. Does that mean we are perfect? No. If perfect, we would not be here. We are here to learn. We are here to help one another.

Back from our tangent, let us return to our topic, connecting the hara healing line.
What is the Hara Healing Line and what does this intuitive practice of connecting the centers therein mean to you? As I have stated earlier, I learned of the Hara Healing Line in healer Barbara Brennan’s writing. This reading came to me at the time where I was experimenting daily in energy immersion, seeking understanding through using yoga, using movement and breath, and using focused affirmative prayer. There is a yogic statement which says that when the student is ready the teacher appears, and this was certainly true in this case, for all it took was seeing this passage in Brennan’s book to get me off and running – remaking what she described in a format that suited my manner of seeking and reception. As you rework a process according to what you know and experience, the experience becomes intuitive – it becomes yours.
What is the draw in the hara healing line? It is powerfully simple. As you connect the energy centers within you that form the hara healing line, you offer your human heart and mind unto the divine to live as spirit residing in the flesh. Could there be a goal more worthy of our pursuit? Connecting the Hara Healing line honors the essence of what we are in physical life – the body we have, the mind we use, the spirit that is our source – and is a practice of communion, a healing that makes us Whole.

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