Meditation – Introduction

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Let us turn now to the modality of meditation, which is I believe to offer us our most powerful practice for healing.
Meditation – Introductory Materials
My approach to meditation is very much like unto how I approach any energy modality. There are rules to the road which have been written, offering techniques to follow and proper methods of practice. It is my humble opinion that how you should practice meditation is something again which only you will find. Each different in the energy through which we manifest, we reach out externally to have a method of practice taught to us. This is our beginning. And, rightly so. When we begin a new practice, we need the rules to the road. But what makes these rules effective is that which we observe and honor to take place within ourselves, causing us to adjust and change the external rule to fit that which we find and come to know internally.
When all is said and done, it is only through observing the experience we have within ourselves that we can find the method that is user friendly for us. In all energy modalities, we have to self-observe to find our way. Every spiritual truth is found within us, the path to spirit is within. Meditation is a method of helping us to identify within the spirit we are while residing in the flesh. Meditation offers a link between matter and spirit. Quieting the mind, we seek for the soul.
Yet, our seeking needs to recognize a very vital point: this process is not a seeking for something we are not or do not have, but is a seeking for that which we ARE WITHIN – Spirit we are, expressed through matter. Meditation is a tool we use to immerse ourselves within the energy space we call our soul. Meditation is a process of identification, honoring the spiritually stated truth that the kingdom of God is within. In meditation East and West converge.
As with my entire journey into this differently lived life, my introduction to meditation began with the practice of yoga. Experiencing yoga classes introduces you to a lot of different thinking. I had never before thought about energy, matter, and space, mind body and spirit. I was a good Westerner, from a Christian background and religion was one aspect and regular life another. Yoga brought me full face in my journey to knowing spirit within my body, opening my sensory system to see and feel and hear differently. What is one to do with this very unusual living? Finding healing I offered it out, wanting to put my hands on everyone and everything in need. Yet, this world is not open to the person who is so different. It’s like we all live in a vacuum, awaiting a time when the mainstream catches up with the unusual, yet even as I say this I know that the unusual one is always the one on the cusp within times of mankind’s changing consciousness. That is indeed what is happening today. There are more and more like me out there, closet experiencers, closet scientists. The world of energy is our venue, our space of experimenting.
Yet, funny enough, even within this unusual world there is division. My way is better than your way. I can teach you the right way to heal, to find the psychic world, to experience the subtle ethers. It’s a giant circus and a show, yet within this show there is the Truth. Having lived and worked as the owner/operator of an independent bookshop, I can attest to how hungry the world is to know inner peace, to find healing. We all need it. Mankind needs it. I believe the answers to be so simple. We help one another. Helping one another we help ourselves. Turning our vision away from our own personal problems we lessen their impact upon us. Healer, turn those downward focused eyes unto the soul, the healer within the form.
A soul on earth, what an incredible thought, yet you know what, my friends, this is reality. We are each souls on earth. There’s a whole world of us running around living in bodies expressing differing levels of consciousness. It’s beautiful and humorous at the time. When we think about it, and come to recognize that we each build our matter and construct our own temples with the same raw materials, we should be able to live compassionately. If we were to all live compassionately we would change the world in which we live, the bodies through which we live, the space we inhabit within this entire earth. What we think and do is that powerful. What saves us as a race of people is that we don’t know it. Most of us cannot even manage ourselves, myself included. A yo-yo on a string in the autumn of life, I’m watching those I love, and myself, age and face all that goes along with life’s culminating time. This writing is I hope a contribution and will help you to come to grips with all you face in life. I have challenges. You do too. Let us work together to create life together and build this world anew.
Why do I tell you all this when we’re getting ready to work with meditation? Because I believe meditation and active creative meditation to be that significant, to ring loud and clear with a bell so strong that if we were to use the power within this tool and use it positively together we could in fact change this earth.
So, let’s get practical. Let me give you some of the rules to the road, as I have found them, on meditation. We should be clear on what my teaching is. I’ve not been externally taught in meditation where I have those worldly credentials that say yes I can say I’m an expert here. What you and I will do together is from the lens of my experience. I’ve walked within the realms of beginning, the traveling through the many steps one takes, in learning to practice meditation, starting with reading and listening to others tell me how. Graduating from that stage, I saw in my experience what I’ve told you previously. Sitting alone in quiet down on my knees on my floor, eyes closed, breathing and listening and going within, I opened into transcendental life. I found the subtle world using my body in yoga. I found the subtle world using my mind, fine tuning it within the process of meditation. Each experience can take you to the same space. The tools are different but the end result is the same.
As I teach you, I am only teaching what I know through my life experience, and I say to you, loud and clear from the outset, recognize this to be the case. See my pattern. Experiment with my venue. But, more importantly, reach beyond what I teach you to springboard from it. Go find your own. You and I each need the same credentials when it comes to the topic and practice of meditation and these credentials are a living within. The way we get there is, of course, practice, practice, practice. If we want to fine tune any instrument, be it our body or our mind, we have to use it, we have to practice. Meditation is a process wherein we learn the power of what it means to live from within.

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