Qigong – Connecting the Hara Healing Line, Terminology

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Before I offer my practice to you, as I use it today, for you to create therefrom, I would like to share some background material on the centers and this energy line by telling you of how I have experienced this quest. I hope my story will open you to yours.
Connecting the Hara Healing Line –Terminology – An Intuitive Interpretation
The hara healing line is a line of energy that runs directly through the centerline of our bodies, from root to crown, matter to spirit. This is giving to you in my own language how I understand what this means. The works on yoga, qigong, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and the many writings on esoteric energy healing all describe the presence of an energy channel within the subtle etheric body along the space of the physical spinal column. I’ve felt it so I know it is real, though I have not visually seen what I know through sensing to be the operative etheric channels for this line. Many a time, in working with healing energy, I have felt this functioning. During one occasion in working in healing with my husband it was truly quite profound. For, as I stood in a good qigong stance beside our bed trying to help him in healing energy with the pain he was having in his back, the two of us shared an interesting experience. It was a pretty sunny day outside out bedroom window so I know that weather has nothing to do with what happened. Standing there beside him, hands held above his spine, praying for healing, I thought to myself, I should connect the hara healing line and then the energy that would come through would be of great value. The moment I had this thought, wrapped within the space of being the vessel for energy flow and functioning, a loud sound, like a booming clap of thunder, happened in our bedroom. At the same time of this occurrence, I felt a jolting burst of energy run through my body, root to crown. It was like I had received a shock. It was startling and actually made me jump. This sound was so loud that it awakened my husband from the state of sleep receiving healing energy always induces within him. “What was that?” he asked me. My answer, “I don’t know honey, but whatever it was, it shot directly through the centerline of my body.”
I’ll never forget the experience, nor will he. My only explanation for our experience is that energetically within me there occurred a hara healing line connection and the sound and sensory experience have an energy explanation for which I am incapable of providing terms. Since this time period, I have experienced feeling a similar central flowing of energy both during times of practicing healing and during personal mediation. Remember, working in energy opens you to energy, and in opening you come to understand and have a sense of an unknown, not easily definable, not in today’s world.

The term, hara, is of Japanese origin and refers to the center the Chinese and qigong masters call the Lower Dan Tian. You are, therefore, familiar with the hara, having worked within this center during your intuitive healing qigong. I say this for I don’t want you to let language throw you off – hara, lower dan tian, sacral chakra, etheric linkage – it’s all one and the same. What is especially significant to us in seeking healing is the magical physical transformation that can come through connecting within this energetic space. Be comfortable with what you know and let it grow.

What does the hara healing line connect? It connects the root of the body to the hara to the heart to the crown to the space above the crown termed the soul individuation point. This last center is the only one we’ve not mentioned as such, yet all it refers to is a space of energy above the crown through which we connect into spirit. You don’t have to swallow this as a theory. It is not a doctrine. Nor is it knowledge. Instead, this is energy. It is a subtle that is beyond the experiencing of many who live in density, yet the knowing of it as validity, as a reality, is available to you. Why? It is real. Do I need to understand more than that? No. I accept through faith the valid nature of energy. Experience has given me this knowing and I realize that what we know of life is tied to the level of consciousness to which we open as we experience life in density. It’s that simple. And, I am no scientist. I am a sentient. Lord help me, it is not easy to live feeling all this energy and having energy imbalances as we all do as human beings. Spirit and matter. Spirit and matter. Get it. Know it. And then you can begin to work with it. I’ve sought it my whole life. And, the answer always is – identify, identify, identify.

To help us get there, we will again use a modality of practice, designed, this time, to open us and connect us within what is termed the Hara Healing line. We will work with movement, breath, visualization, and affirmation to link together root to navel to heart to crown to soul individuation point. All these are our tools.
As many have before us, we are using our bodies to express and honor spirit. Think of what we will do together now as moving prayer. Is not every spiritual ritual simply that? A manner in which to express our search for and connection within what we see and sense to be divine. Day to day, we walk through our physical life, always seeking our source.
I hope you enjoy practicing this with me.

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