Qigong Standing Meditation Part 1

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A Qigong Routine:

We have covered two of the processes normally found in a qigong practice:  a gathering of qi (our Healthy Breathing Routine), a purification of qi (our Healing Qigong).  There are two others:  a circulation of qi, and a closure.  Once qi is gathered, purified, we then want to circulate it, to see that the circulation process is smooth and brings qi to all systems, all parts of the body.  The closure seals the energy and disperses any remaining stagnation.  The inclusion of mind/body movements to disperse stagnation recognizes that healing involves process, and offers us once again a way to release and release fully.

Healing has no linkage to time.  Breath and practice and surrender bring us within the sphere of possibility.

Our possibilities are limitless

when we allow them to be. 

This is a choice. 

It is our choice for healing.


Circulating Qi through the Standing Meditation

Qigong teaches a profound method for circulating qi, termed the Standing Meditation.  Earlier in my work with healing, prior to the knowing of this sequence, I devised my own energy center connection procedure, called the Hara Healing Line.  It was during the time period when I was spending my early mornings concentrating on the experience of using my body in yoga, moving meditatively, with focus, and prayer, and in using mind/energy sentience to work with what I was seeing and feeling in my body.  It was a very powerful time of self-study for me, and like everything else I do, one of great intensity and reflection.  I had read of the Hara Healing Line in a work by the healer, Barbara Brennan, and ever the innovator, I took it from there.

This practice, the Hara Healing Line, is included following Cohen’s Standing Meditation to offer you another intuitive way to use mind/body/subtle energy for blending body into spirit, spirit into body, which is indeed how we heal.  We heal as we touch the divine we are within.  As the energy centers involved are the same as those utilized within the practice of Standing Meditation, this will give you further insight into the energy aspects of Cohen’s qigong Standing Meditation.

All energy processes are linked and tied, and those who are sensitive to them have always worked with routines, expression, and explanation.  Each intuitive provides a thread.  Each thread helps to build the picture, for the complexity is something we are only beginning to verbalize and accept in science and in medicine.  All the new age writings, all the spiritual movements speak to this evolutionary trend which will open wide our processes of thought about life and how everything works.  This is an exciting time to be alive.  But, perhaps, each segment of time is this way, for nothing, thank goodness, stands still, nor should it.  It only does when we force or block what can and will naturally evolve.  In the language of energy, this describes being resistant to the higher energy.  Balance comes from energy operating in rhythm.  Dis-harmony comes when we resist rather than assimilate the higher impressions we are experiencing, repeating instead a lower pattern that we have outgrown and of which we truly have no use.  It’s interesting, is it not?  What I’ve described is the evolutionary journey of the soul:  first spirit into matter, then matter returning to spirit, source to manifestation, manifestation to source.


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