Qigong – Connecting the Hara Healing Line, Technique

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A Word on Technique: The technique which I follow today in this routine has evolved to be more in keeping with a qigong practice than a practice of yoga, which is how my journey began. The movements you make, therefore, will be familiar, as will the terminology of healing that we use.
All intuitive energy movements are going to evolve. Recognize that this is the nature of delving into working with energy and allow the practice I teach you to expand as you do. Experience is our teacher as we seek to understand the world of subtle energy. Experience is where we gain our validity. Remember, no one can give this to you. You find it within yourself. So many of the healing practices that are taught today and so much of the Western mindset revolves around following the rules that I feel this point needs emphasis. What we are talking about here is the Laws of Nature, to use esoteric terminology. And, these laws of nature may be worked with through our common source. Science is Spirit and Spirit is science. Matter is spirit in its lowest level. Spirit is matter in its highest form. Both are related, one enfolded within the other. In the practices we are learning, we are using this very fact: when we can touch the realm of Spirit that is our source, we can impact our matter. It’s so incredible. I know it, yet even knowing it, I have troubles. I am just like you, a human being walking through matter, imperfectly expressing my spiritual source. Yes, that’s the key to all of it. Relate spirit and matter harmoniously and there is harmonious life. This is what we seek. This is the purpose of this Hara Healing Line connection. It serves as a tool to unite within us the very heart of who we are. How? By giving us a physical mental emotional practice wherein we can surrender our human heart and mind unto the divine. We are bodies, so we need to work with them. We are minds that we need to use. We are emotion expressed in the flesh. Healing, my friends, comes when we take all we are, body/emotion/mind, and offer it in service to life beyond our singular unit. In serving we heal.
So I say to you as we approach technique, that what you are truly seeking is the movements, the mindset, the opening that brings who and what you are energetically, you as a unique individual unit of life, in to harmony with the energy of your source. This is healing. This is finding you own way in. This is the knowing of the fact, not in your head, but in your cells that the spiritual message you are taught through faith as a child is Truth: the kingdom of God is within. Look within. When you seek, you find, and what you find is to be lived, shared, is it not?
In this way, mankind learns to see beyond his singular self to know the unit as wrapped within the whole. Working in energy, seeing spirit change matter, seeing healing come, makes you so aware of how beautiful we are by divine design. What we are about to do together is to seek to fine tune ourselves, yet as we become more whole individually we serve not only ourselves but one another.

All the beautiful things in life
go way beyond
the singular lens.
Love is the key.
Love is lasting.
Nothing else remains.

Again, you have been patient with me.

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