Qigong Sequential Release: Tips for Mind Body Power

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Tips for Mind Body Power:  If it helps you to release further, include a detailed release, as in the yoga, for example:

breathing into and releasing the head – the top of the skull and the brain, the eyes, including the cheeks and forehead,

the back of the skull, the jaw/mouth,

for the neck – breathing into and releasing the front, side, back of the neck.

Mix these modalities one with the other and use as much detail in talking to your body as you need.  You know best what helps you best.

When you finish the segmental release, focus upon the whole body.

Whole Body:  Allow the life force that sustains you to pour through you while you breathe – relaxing your whole body:  breathing, relaxing, healing.

Tips on Ordering of the Release:  Though I have led you through a release, head to foot, to offer a sequence ordered differently from your practice of Savasana, I want you to practice the ordering through which you receive the greatest sense of relaxation.  Begin working head to foot to feel the experience.  Then choose the arrangement that suits you best.

The main difference in these two mind/body sequences of relaxation is the fact that the qigong method releases the legs and arms prior to working with the torso.  Keep this difference, no matter the ordering you select for the rest.  Your method then offers you an experience rooted in Chinese medicine rather than yoga’s Indian system of Ayurveda.

What is the magical key?  Listen to your body’s response.

Flexibility in thought, honoring what you feel in your body,

brings flexibility in your emotions, in your mind, and in your density. 

It’s taking the infinity symbol and riding life,

rather than allowing life to ride you. 

This is a conscious choice. 

Make it.

Making Sequential Release User Friendly:  In either the yoga or qigong, if you are practicing in a prone position, make sure you also offer yourself the experience while seated in a chair, legs not crossed, feet on the floor, hands comfortably down in your lap.  This position is user friendly to many life settings and life’s situations, so if you master your qigong/yoga release seated, you can quick practice to help yourself anywhere.  Mind body power gives you power over your own body/mind

Qigong Practice – Mind/Body Power:  Feeling and Sensing Energy:

Feel – with your hands.  Open to connect with and know the feel of the space through which you circle or float your arms.  Qi is all around you, within you.  Feel – with your whole body.  If you make your movements repeatedly, focusing upon what you feel, you will, in time, begin to sense with your energy body the energy/space within and without.  Repeatedly using the body with focus and awareness takes us into a cognizance of the subtle beneath the dense.

The beauty in the Eastern philosophy

is the offering to us

of the Truth of what we are –

energy – manifested forth –

as mind, body, and spirit.

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